Let's first look at various types of recruiting.

1.Internal Corporate recruiting- Generally done by HR recruiters/ Hiring managers or Supervisors. 

    Costs- Hourly/Salary + Benefits

2.Staffing Agencies- Generally done by order managers, in-house recruiters or branch managers.

    Costs-Hourly/ Salary + Benefits

3.Vendors- External vendors who contract out with their client to recruit for the clients - client. Generally done on a      sliding scale. 

    Costs- Based on placement

4.Headhunters - Recruiters who will search for those special candidates that can be elusive. These recruiters will usually get a flat rate based on conversion of candidate. Headhunters can work for a company or independently. 

   Cost- Hourly/Salary, commission, bonus or percentage of placement

5.Independent Recruiters- These are recruiters that only "recruit" for each client specifically. They are not paid an hourly rate- rather they charge a % of the candidates annual salary. They are not paid unless the client agrees to hire the candidate. Independent recruiters can also be assigned as a "Vendor" under certain situations. 

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This is done by networking your companies needs with others who can help you grow! 

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The Benefits of using an Independent Recruiter

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An Independent Recruiter can provide top candidates to any company just like an internal employee could. The only difference is that you are not paying that independent recruiter an hourly wage/salary, medical costs or benefits. 

By not having an employee on your payroll you are saving the company a minimum of 50-60K a year or more, in payroll and benefits. 

When the client has a hiring need they simply contact the recruiter and explain what their hiring needs are. This would include what type of job, skills, placement required, and pay. Should there be any internal requirements such as Background Check, Drug Test, or Placement Skills assessments....these can be provided on-site at the clients location. 

The recruiter sets out to source for candidates that the client requires and then submits resumes for their review or personal interview. If the client (or) their client likes the candidate then they can make an offer of employment. Once the candidate accepts the offer and a start date is set. The client then pays the recruiter an agreed upon percentage of that candidates yearly salary. 

If the candidate is not selected, then the recruiter continues to source for other candidates until one is found that the client likes. 

  • NO FEE is paid until a candidate is converted to employment. 

AND, the great part is that there is a GUARANTEE on the candidates placement. 

Therefore, should a candidate not last past the standard 90 days, then a percentage of the fee paid is refunded and the recruiter will search for a replacement. (Dismissal of employment would need to be discussed further- certain conditions apply). 



 This is a win-win for both the Client and Recruiter. Great placements are made, and the company saves on payroll/benefit costs.